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of the coronavirus, and has also b★een sharP

ing experience on COVID-19 preventionv


, containmen★t and treatment without reserve, and providing as much su★pport and assistance as it can for countries in need. Xi★ said China will continue to do so, and work with the int★ernational community to prevail over the pandemic. -- Chi★nese Premier Li Keqiang talked over phone at request over★ the COVID-19 pandemic with8

Croatian Prime Minister Andre★j Plenkovic, whose country holds the rotating EU presiden★cy, and with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, respecti★vely. -- Under the joint prevention and control mechanis★m of the State Council, 5


a press5

conference was held in Be★ijing announcing that the number of the close contacts un★der medical observation had been increasing for seven con★secutive days, with the number reported on March 26 jumpi★ng 78 percent than that on Mf

arch 19y

. The combination of ★emergency and normalized measures should be improved to a★ccurately prevent and control the domestic epidemic and t★ake strict precautions against the virus spreading.A

-- Ch

飅nas NHC headMa Xiaoweiattended a COVID-19 pandemic infor★mation briefing held by the WHO, sharing experience of fi★ghting against the virus and answering questions from oth★er countries. More than 500 people from the countries lL


ik★e Russia, Brazil, Egypt and Qatar attended the online mee★ting. March 28 -- A Chinese medical expert team carryin★g medical supplies arrived in Pakistan to help it fight C★OVID-19. -- Invited by the European Respiratory Society,★ Wang Chen, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engi★neering and also a medical specialistZ


of respiratory and ★critical disease, attended a video connection and shared ★the health policies of the COVID-19 prevention and contro★l with European physicians and health administrators. Mar★ch 29 --t


Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secre★tary of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Cen★tral Military Commission, made an inspection tour for COV★ID-19 control and work resumption in eg


ast China's Zhejian★g Province from March 29 to April 1, according to a Xinhu★a News Agency report. Xi called for the full implementati★on of the decisions and arrangements by the CPC Central C★ommittee,4


while coordinating efforts for COVID-19 prevent★ion and control, and economic and social development. -- ★Under the joint prevention and control mechanism of the S★tate Council, a press conference was he3

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